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How our Raw Export is helping TapNation get more from their analytics

Find out how TapNation are using our Raw Export to make faster decisions on game updates.



TapNation rely on granular data to make business decisions about how to update their games, for example to test concepts. Previously the only way they could get this data was by using automatic data pipelines to fetch it. They then used machine-learning algorithms to get the granular detail they needed. From all their games, every day. It was a slow and time-consuming process, and meant those all-important business decisions were taking much longer than they should.


The answer was one of our newest products – Raw Export. It’s part of our DataSuite, a tool that automates the export of games’ raw event data in JSON format. TapNation are using it to quickly and automatically download all the data they need each day – in less than 30 minutes – which they then connect with other data sources (like monetization partners, MMPs, internal APIs, and so on). This has sped up the whole decision-making process, and means they know that the data they’re relying on is up to date and accurate.

Interesting facts

About TapNation

TapNation is a tech startup specializing in mobile hyper-casual games. They’ve released more than 10 hit games and generated over 400 million downloads. They work closely with more than 100 studios around the world, helping them test and publish their games with high-potential concepts and high-tech data tools.

Rock Crawling

Rock Crawling

4M+ downloads
Top 50 in the charts

Ice Cream Inc

Ice Cream Inc

135M+ downloads
Top 10 in the charts

Bubble Sort Color Puzzle

Bubble Sort Color Puzzle

25M+ downloads
Top 2 in the charts

Digging into the details

Lots of the success of TapNation’s titles is down to their attention to detail. They collect comprehensive analytics which they then use to drive decisions about different gaming aspects. That’s things like LTV forecasting, gameplay improvements, and near real-time behavior tracking of users so they can personalize each one’s gaming experience. So it’s vital they have up-to-date information that’s regularly refreshed.

Hassle-free data

TapNation could just use our core analytics tools to make decisions about their games. But Raw Export means they get data directly which is much faster, and that they don’t have to maintain their own infrastructure for tracking these metrics themselves. This is saving them valuable time and money. To show you what that means in real life, they’re now able to automatically download and process data from over 500 apps (around 20,000 files) in less than 30 minutes every day. That’s some pretty fast numbers.

“We love being able to rely on getting fresh data automatically every day, from as many apps as we want,” says Kamel Haddad, chief data officer/head of cloud infrastructure at TapNation. “Tech support at GameAnalytics is great as well. We know we can quickly and easily get help if anything goes wrong or the data isn’t doing what we need it to.”

Access all areas

Raw Export is helping TapNation get more from their data across all areas of their business. As well as using it for those all-important business decisions, it’s helping:

  • their technical team automatically update in-game content, set up A/B tests, and carry out deep data analysis
  • their game designers test different game mechanics, camera positions, etc. while working closely with studios
  • their user acquisition and monetization team decide how to show ads (for example to decide on the delay between consecutive ads and smart rewarded ad positioning, etc.).

“Why did we choose GameAnalytics? Because they’re the go-to company for in-game metrics and tracking in the hyper-casual games industry,” says Kamel. “So we started using their products like Raw Export really early on to help us in our goal of becoming a key player in the high-growth market we operate in.”

Try Raw Export for yourself

Raw Export is one of our premium products. You can buy it online through your GameAnalytics account.

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