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David Hartery

David Hartery

Senior Content Marketing Editor at Adjust

Idle Games with Adjust

How to Make an Idle game: Everything You Need to Know About Incremental Mobile Games

What is an idle game? Why are they so popular? And how can you make one? David Hartery from Adjust shines a light on just this. Here's what he found.

Marketing to players with new devices? Here’s what you should know

You've launched your app. Set up your ads. Sorted your ASO. What now? There's tons of strategies you can do. But for now, Adjust shares focuses their attention to players with new devices.

5 copywriting hacks to ace your mobile game’s push notifications

Writing your push notifications? Here are five tips you should follow to help engage your players.

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4 Key Steps to Making a Successful Hyper-Casual game

Hyper-casual games are going through incredible growth, and is still going strong. If you're new to the genre, here's how you can get started.