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Nikolaj Ahlberg-Pedersen

CPO at GameAnalytics
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Introducing Organizations: Empowering New Functionality in 2020

We’ve been a bit quiet these past few months in regards to major product updates, but for good reason. Alongside new features and capabilities coming in 2020, we’re also updating how you’ll manage your accounts in our tool, with our new concept: Organizations. We’re launching the first version of this feature within a few days. Here’s everything you need to know. So, what is an ‘Organization’? In short, an Organization will be the heart of your GameAnalytics account. It will be a central place for managing your company, containing all your games and users (even multiple studios), and will function as a trusted environment for collaboration between your users. How our account management currently works At the moment, our account management is user-focused. This has worked for smaller companies and studios (those who deal with just a handful of users...
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The Command Center – Turning Analytics into Action

Editor’s note: If you’re reading this, then we highly recommend that you also check out our latest updates to the tool here. It has tons of information about the new features, as well as the most recent changes to the GameAnalytics platform. New features, you say? Currently we are quite busy with introducing a modern data processing backend, free-to-use for all of you fine GameAnalytics users. Even so, we found the time to add some powerful new toys for you to play with. We are introducing a new features called Command Center. Essentially, it will allow you to control your game from within GameAnalytics. All of this in real-time, without having to update a single line of code on the App stores! How it works + documentation The command center provides a specific way of triggering these changes: Command Center (Configs)....

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