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GameAnalytics Now Available with Amazon Lumberyard

Lumberyard SDK

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Starting today, you can easily integrate GameAnalytics with Lumberyard, the AAA game engine recently launched by Amazon Web Services.

Developers on Lumberyard can start making sense of player behavior to drive engagement and monetization, quickly and easily using the GameAnalytics SDK. The SDK includes full support for Windows, iOS and Android. GameAnalytics plans to offer support for PS4 and Xbox One in the coming months.

Download the SDK

You can find the full GameAnalytics SDK documentation for Lumberyard on GitHub here. The documentation covers everything you need to know about setting up the SDK, including how to add custom events and dimensions, reporting on demographics and debugging the implementation.

About Lumberyard

Lumberyard is an AAA game engine for platforms including mobile, PC and console. With it, developers can create studio quality titles – totally free of charge. Subscriptions, royalty fees or revenue shares won’t be levied by Amazon and developers will have unrestricted access to their data. With the release of Lumberyard, Amazon hopes to attract more game developers to AWS.

With Lumberyard, game designers have a powerful suite of tools to create photorealistic environments in high definition. Lumberyard’s exciting features make it one of the most powerful game engines around. Some of the advanced graphic rendering options available in Amazon Lumberyard include physically based shaders, dynamic illumination, vegetation design, motion blur, depth of field, water caustics, color grading, lens flares and more.

Visit the Lumberyard details page for a full breakdown of features.

Reduce DevOps Workload

Another core benefit of Lumberyard is the unified integration it offers to the Amazon Web Services cloud. This seamless connection means that developers can once again focus the majority of their efforts on creating player-centric experiences, rather than managing complex backend systems.

About Twitch

Amazon Lumberyard is deeply integrated with Twitch,the world’s leading video platform for online games, which boasts more than 2 million monthly broadcasters and 100 million monthly viewers. The Twitch features within Lumberyard offer a few different ways to reach and engage players.

Twitch ChatPlay

Twitch ChatPlay helps build gaming experiences that interact in real-time with audiences on Twitch, allowing in-game voting systems, live gifting options, and even dynamic changes to gameplay decided by viewers. ChatPlay is easy to setup with the help of the Lumberyard visual scripting tool, Flow Graph.

Twitch Metastream

Metastream lets Twitch streamers create broadcast quality viewing experiences. With it, professional graphic overlays can be included to show live game data, such as kill counts, minimaps, player stats or completed objectives. Setting up Metastream is simple – just a single line of code for each datastream required.

Twitch JoinIn

With Twitch JoinIn, game developers can easily build functionality that allows broadcasters on Twitch to invite their followers or players to view a live stream with the click of a button. They can then engage in a live chat with other viewers, players and members of the gaming community.

Need Help? Just Ask

For more information about the platform, visit the Lumberyard FAQ. If you have any issues integrating GameAnalytics with Lumberyard, just reach out to our friendly support team for help at

Happy instrumenting!

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GameAnalytics Now Available with Amazon Lumberyard