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Announcing HyperBid, Your New Gaming Mediation Platform

We’ve chatted to Ahmet Genc, Business Director at HyperBid, to give you the inside scoop about your new mobile gaming mediation platform. Here’s what we’ve learned.

There’s a new mediation platform on the block. But this time, it’s been built specifically for mobile games. It’s called HyperBid. And it’s in Open Beta. We’re offering free access to multiple GameAnalytics products, as well as a starter bonus from HyperBid, to all early sign ups for the Beta.

Our crew here at GameAnalytics have lent a helping hand with building this new tool. But to get the full rundown of this new tool, we’ve chatted to Ahmet Genc, HyperBid’s Business Director, to learn more.

What is HyperBid?

Before we start, we wanted to let you know that HyperBid is now in open-beta, and they’re taking on early sign ups. And like we said, there are a bunch of goodies up for grab for those early adopters.

“It’s your new mobile-games mediation platform. We’ve worked with the GameAnalytics team, and used their years of experience and industry knowledge to build a new tool with a developer-first mindset. And we’re thrilled with the outcome,” said Ahmet.

“There are around 2.8 million global mobile gamers,” he added. “And there are hundreds of thousands of brands looking to advertise to these players through mobile games. I personally have always admired the mission at GameAnalytics – to help every single developer get access to the tools and products they need to fuel their growth. So it only made sense to our team to create something developers could use to tap into this huge audience, too.”

Ahmet continued to say that with HyperBid, you’ll be able to:

  • “Get the highest bid, every time.” You can use in-app header bidding and traditional waterfalls to get the highest bids and never let an ad placement go empty. So you’ll always get the highest bid, and make the most money each time.
  • “Unlock higher eCPMs.” We learned that HyperBid is integrated with over 30 leading ad networks from across the globe. So you can connect to the global markets and get higher eCPMs from Eastern to Western markets, all from one single point.
  • “A/B test easily, without a fuss.” HyperBid controls are easy to use to perfect your campaigns. You can test every aspect of your ad monetization strategy, from your waterfall flows to frequency capping (how many times you show an ad) to land the best strategy.
  • “Segment your players.” You can divvy up your players into different groups and tailor your mediation strategy to what they prefer. You can also pick and choose how you manage ad experiences for those segments to strike the perfect balance between ads and user experience.
  • “Get set up quickly and simply” Other mediation tools aren’t optimized for mobile game advertising, and their technical support is typically reserved for the bigger games. But HyperBid is equipped with a team of industry experts who’ll help you set up and create an ongoing strategy that’ll maximize your game revenue. Without any hassle.

How is HyperBid different?

The biggest difference we’ve chatted about is that HyperBid’s platform has been tailored to the mobile gaming industry. But this means a lot of different things. Here’s what we learned from Ahmet.

HyperBid is built with product analytics in mind

“As this platform was crafted by the experts behind GameAnalytics, it’s been built with analytics at its core. With GameAnalytics help, we’ve laid the groundwork for this platform, future-proofing its development – where we hope to truly bring together your product and monetization data. Our team has more than a decade of experience, so the crew know exactly what types of features and functions a game developer needs in their mediation strategy.

“With HyperBid, we want to make sure you can now build the best business from your game, and truly realize your monetization potential.”

HyperBid is neutral

“HyperBid isn’t affiliated with a particular network or studio. Like GameAnalytics, we believe in being neutral, agnostic, and fair. We don’t associate with any one network, so we’re always looking out for your interests. It’s you, the creative minds making games, who we care about. So you’ll work with the best partners, and get the highest bids.”

HyperBid puts developers first

“We share GameAnalytics’ mission. Their core analytics tool is free to use. And they’ve built new products with open tiers or affordable pricing plans which scale with you.

“This mission has been carried over to HyperBid, too. We’re committed to helping small developers grow, and giving them the best chance to thrive in an already competitive market. You’ll always have the HyperBid team at your beck and call (whether you’re a small-time indie or an award-winning publisher).

“With the industry changing and growing, it’s obvious that we need to evolve with it. There was a huge influx of games in 2020 and the industry expects to triple ad revenue by 2025, so we’re entering the market at a very crucial time. We’re excited to make sure that we help studios be a part of this growth.”

Sign up today to unlock your starter bonus

That’s it from Ahmet. We’re absolutely thrilled about this next step in your journey. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with such talented and inspiring creators. And we hope, alongside HyperBid, that we can continue to build new tools and features to help you make your games successful.

To celebrate HyperBid’s launch, we’re offering free subscriptions to a range of GameAnalytics products. HyperBid is also offering a sign-up bonus to new partners, which you can use on your monetization campaigns (rather than dipping into your own capital). Simply head to the HyperBid website and sign up today.

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