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Minimum Viable Analytics: Keeping Your Reporting Lean And Mean

Being lean is more just than a tech industry buzzword, it’s a way of life – or at least a smart way of doing business. That applies to many different categories of business, but especially analytics, and definitely so when you need to figure out your minimum viable analytics. With most analytics programs (including ours) […]

A Behavioural Analysis of Chinese Mobile Gamers

If you’ve read our helpful guide to launching mobile games in China, you’ll know that there are a number of stylistic and cultural differences between the kinds of games that Chinese and Western gamers choose to play. But how about the differences in when and how they play the games themselves? With that in mind, […]

9 Metrics You Should Prioritise For Maximum Revenue

With any analytics dashboard, you’re going to get a lot of information, possibly more than you know what to do with. While all of it is valuable in its own way, you’re probably not going to be parsing every detail of each metric or stat on a daily basis, so you need to be aware […]

How To Build Killer Dashboards In Game Analytics

Think about how many times you visit your analytics dashboard on any given day. Then, think about how many times you send and reference analytics. You’re probably not only spending many hours in your analytics in any given week, but you’re possibly also relying on those dashboards and the reports they generate for key insights […]

The Best Kept Analytics Secrets Of The Most Popular Games: Great Artists Steal

There’s an infamous quote that’s been ascribed to a variety of artists and creative minds over the years, including Pablo Picasso, but Steve Jobs may have been the most famous to use it when, while discussing the Macintosh, he said that “great artists steal”. However, the phrase applies to much more than just the iconic […]

Understanding Your Audience – Bartle Player Taxonomy

We all know that every player is unique and special, with their own motivations for playing any given game and developing a personalized approach to its ecosystem. However, it’s nearly impossible to assess and cater to each type of personality with every aspect of your game, so it’s necessary to step back, organize, and plan […]

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