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Audience insights

Take your understanding of your players to the next level. Find out the answers to questions like: What do players spend their money on? Why do they leave my game? And how can I keep them coming back?

A Behavioural Analysis of Chinese Mobile Gamers

We analyze the behaviour of 72 million Chinese gamers across 47,000 different games available on the Chinese app store, sharing engagement and monetization insights for the world's largest mobile gaming community.

Understanding Your Audience – Bartle Player Taxonomy

Every player is unique and special but it’s nearly impossible to assess and cater to each type of personality. So it’s necessary to step back and start by understanding what you’re dealing with in regard to your site’s community.

User Analytics Persona

Maximizing The Value Of Player Data

From Game Devs to Marketers, learning how to maximize the value of your data is the most valuable part of your daily job. Here are 5 key activities.

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User Analytics Persona

How To Create User Personas As Unique As Your Audience

Do you sometimes wish that you could get to know every one of your players and the members of your…

8 ways of spotting and fixing the reasons why players are leaving your game

The following article is based on a previous one we published on the GameAnalytics blog: 16 reasons players are leaving your…