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Welcome to the GameAnalytics blog, where we try to help game makers build more engaging experiences through a strong understanding of their core metrics.

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Essential articles on analytics for games: with insights on how to collect, understand and action your data. If you want to learn how to grow your games, definitely take a look!

Tighten Games

Building Tight Games With Game Metrics (Part 2)

Here are more game metrics ideas and suggestions inspired by Daniel Cook's blog post about making games easy to understand and play, called "Building tight game systems of cause and effect".

Tighten Games

Building Tight Games With Game Metrics (Part 1)

Here are a number of game metrics ideas and suggestions inspired by the techniques described in Daniel Cook's blog post about making games easy to understand and play, called "Building tight game systems of cause and effect".

Getting Started with Game Analytics: 3 Key Terms

The terminology in game analytics is hampered by some confusion due to it being relatively new in games. Terms and methodologies are generally borrowed from areas outside of game development and adapted locally. Without understanding key terms, looking for knowledge is seriously hampered, so let's outline a few of the most important.

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Getting Started with Analytics 2: The Basics

In this post we describe what game analytics is, and what the fundamental benefits of integrating analytics in game development are.

Getting Started With GameAnalytics

Analytics is a relatively new process in game development and there is not a lot of knowledge available out there for the non-expert. In this blog post, we will help you get started on analytics.

Practical Issues In Game Data Mining

There are a range of important issues to consider when planning to or performing collection of game telemetry and mining of this type of data. For example, confidentiality of user data and effective pre-processing approaches are among the most important.

Third Party Analytics: What Are The Options?

Outside the companies that actually develop computer games and other forms of interactive entertainment, a rapidly increasing number of third-parties have emerged in the past few years to provide analytics-related services to companies.

What Is Game Telemetry?

Telemetry one of the fundamental terms in game analytics, describing the collection of data over a distance. The collection, analysis and reporting of user-behaviour telemetry is the foundation for current analytics in game development.

What Are Game Metrics?

Game metrics is what telemetry is transformed into, and what provides the direct value to development and monetization. In this post we try to set up a definition for what a game metric is.

Metrics In Online Games: A Historical Perspective

Online games are of particular interest in game data mining because their underlying business model is highly dependent on understanding player behaviour, and currently one of the major forces driving the use of and innovation in data mining in game development.

Measuring Player Experience

if we can analyze the behaviour of a player and find out whether or not the player is having a good experience playing the game, and if not why, there is a lot of revenue that we can prevent losing from players quitting.

Fundamentals of Gameplay Metrics Work (Pt. 2/2): Explorative vs. Hypothesis Driven

How do we work with gameplay metrics at the fundamental level? In the second part, we dig deeper and look at the factors driving the work.