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Essential articles on analytics for games: with insights on how to collect, understand and action your data. If you want to learn how to grow your games, definitely take a look!

Fundamentals of Gameplay Metrics Work (Pt. 1/2): Synthesis Vs. Analysis

Gameplay metrics form the "bread and butter" telemetry data when evaluating design. These are the metrics that describe how people actually play games. But how do you work with them?

The Allure Of Numbers

For people working with game analysis, gameplay metrics (measures of player behaviour, e.g. navigation, item- and ability use, trading etc.) is the kind of data that - if data were gemstones – would be diamonds.

Six Game Data Mining Myths

Analysing and mining game data is catching on rapidly across the gamut of developers and publishers, not only in games but also other forms of interactive digital entertainment.

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Using Drill-Down Analysis To Find Out Why

When something is missing or malfunctioning in a game, it affects how people play. When we see players spending twice as much time on level 5 as intended, something we did not plan for is happening.

Game Data Mining: Fundamentals

When you have data about players behaviour, server performance or system functionality, how do you convert it into something meaningful? How do you move from raw data to actionable insights?