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Game UX style guide: Why do you need one?

Editor’s Note: this post was originally published by Om Tandon, Director of User Experience at Digit. With over 14 years experience, Om specializes in UX design, UI design and User Interaction, and has previously worked at Gameloft and June Software.  Is it just me or are UX playbooks, UX pattern libraries, UX style guides not talked about enough? […]

Digital Board Game Companion Apps: The Merge of Physical and Digital Gaming

Board games have always celebrated their physical and tactile nature. Reading the rulebook, unpacking the pieces, and setting up the board are all an intrinsic part of playing the board game. However, digital companion apps have also long been part of this ritual. Some games, like 7 Wonders, have a free app that helps players […]

Designing Habit-Forming Games

We are all creatures of habit, whether we like it or not. Not every habit is bad – especially when you’re a developer who’s got players that make your game a regular habit or part of their everyday activities. After all, a player who gets used to playing your game will keep coming back to […]

How Blockchain Could Redefine The Gaming Industry

To say that the gaming industry is large has become an understatement. For some perspective, the forecast for the number of cars sold worldwide in 2017 is 79.6 million, which brings the current estimate for the total number of cars on the road up to around 1.5 billion. Compare that with the current estimate for […]

8 Areas You Should Focus Your Game Development in 2018

Another new year is starting and it’s time to get yourself and your games ready – if you haven’t already. And while you’ve probably already prepped for 2018, it never hurts to take a second look at your long term plans and how they fit into the current gaming landscape and corresponding player expectations. 1. […]

How To Determine Your Game’s Player LTV

It’s pretty easy to figure out how much a given player has spent on your game during the course of a set period of time. However, it’s much more complicated to figure out that player’s actual value to your community (and your bottom line). After all, you had to spend a certain amount to get […]

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