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Welcome to the GameAnalytics blog, where we try to help game makers build more engaging experiences through a strong understanding of their core metrics.

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Tips and tricks every game developer needs, from starting you game from scratch, to reducing your player churn and perfecting your core gaming loop.

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How Puzzle & Dragons Does it

In this post Michail analyses the mixed success of Puzzle & Dragons, Japan's top grossing free-to-play mobile game, on the…

Playstyle and Progression

In this post Anders Drachen introduces some of the main challenges of finding patterns in how games are played and…

Beating Candy Crush Saga

Michail Katkoff is back with more game analytics goodies. In this post specifically, he will dissect one of the most succesful games of all time, Candy Crush Saga, and give…

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7 Tips To Prevent Your Game From Failing

This guest post features Joakim Achrén, CEO at My Next Games company and former Director of Analytics at Supercell. Joakim will share some of his hard-earned tips for ensuring a healthy and promising development process for your game.

Frequent Itemset and Association Rule Mining

Frequent item-set mining is an interesting branch of data mining that focuses on looking at sequences of actions or events, for example the order in which we get dressed. Shirt first? Pants first? Socks second item, or second shirt if wintertime?

Third Party Analytics: What Are The Options?

Outside the companies that actually develop computer games and other forms of interactive entertainment, a rapidly increasing number of third-parties have emerged in the past few years to provide analytics-related services to companies.

Feature Selection and the Law of Diminishing Returns

"The solution I heard mentioned most often was: track everything, analyze everything. However, this approach is not without its problems, notably in terms of the resources it requires to analyze everything."

What Is Game Telemetry?

Telemetry one of the fundamental terms in game analytics, describing the collection of data over a distance. The collection, analysis and reporting of user-behaviour telemetry is the foundation for current analytics in game development.

What Are Game Metrics?

Game metrics is what telemetry is transformed into, and what provides the direct value to development and monetization. In this post we try to set up a definition for what a game metric is.

Metrics In Online Games: A Historical Perspective

Online games are of particular interest in game data mining because their underlying business model is highly dependent on understanding player behaviour, and currently one of the major forces driving the use of and innovation in data mining in game development.

Fundamentals of Gameplay Metrics Work (Pt. 2/2): Explorative vs. Hypothesis Driven

How do we work with gameplay metrics at the fundamental level? In the second part, we dig deeper and look at the factors driving the work.

Fundamentals of Gameplay Metrics Work (Pt. 1/2): Synthesis Vs. Analysis

Gameplay metrics form the "bread and butter" telemetry data when evaluating design. These are the metrics that describe how people actually play games. But how do you work with them?