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5 Game Analytics Metrics To Consider For Selling More Games

Did you know game analytics metrics can be used for more than just improving your games? They can also be…

11 Tips to Speed Up your Game Design Process

At the start of a project, everything has yet to be done. As a game designer, our job involves some writing. Often a lot of writing. Here's a list of general tips to design as efficiently as possible at the start of a project.

Game Accessibility article banner

How to expand your audience with Game Accessibility

We make games for others to enjoy. We want to reach the largest amounts of players possible within our target group. There are many decisions we can take in our design process…

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User Analytics Persona

10 Great Resources on Game Analytics

Anders Drachen has put together another list of great new and older resources about game analytics, monetization, prediction and design,…

Common GameAnalytics Questions

10 Great Articles on Game Analytics

Anders Drachen presents a mix of old and new works that will bring you up to speed in the field…

Getting started with analytics 4: Reading (Part 2)

If you are interested in game analytics one of the best things to do early on is to read up…

Getting started with analytics 4: Reading (Part 1)

If you are interested in game analytics one of the best things to do early on is to read up…

Getting Started with Game Analytics: 3 Key Terms

The terminology in game analytics is hampered by some confusion due to it being relatively new in games. Terms and methodologies are generally borrowed from areas outside of game development and adapted locally. Without understanding key terms, looking for knowledge is seriously hampered, so let's outline a few of the most important.

7 Tips To Prevent Your Game From Failing

This guest post features Joakim Achrén, CEO at My Next Games company and former Director of Analytics at Supercell. Joakim will share some of his hard-earned tips for ensuring a healthy and promising development process for your game.

What Are Game Metrics?

Game metrics is what telemetry is transformed into, and what provides the direct value to development and monetization. In this post we try to set up a definition for what a game metric is.

Metrics In Online Games: A Historical Perspective

Online games are of particular interest in game data mining because their underlying business model is highly dependent on understanding player behaviour, and currently one of the major forces driving the use of and innovation in data mining in game development.

Measuring Player Experience

if we can analyze the behaviour of a player and find out whether or not the player is having a good experience playing the game, and if not why, there is a lot of revenue that we can prevent losing from players quitting.