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UI design

Up your game’s user interface with our selection of top guides, how-to’s and tips. Here you’ll find everything you need to become a UI pro.

How AI Could Change The Way We Build Video And Mobile Games

Now seen in our homes in the shape of Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, it's easy to say that AI has come a long way. But how is it affecting the games industry? And what can we expect to see in the future?

Launching Mobile Games in China (Tips from JoyPac)

Our good friends at JoyPac have shared everything you need to know about launching your game in China, including how to increase your chances of releasing a hit.

How To Conduct User Research In The Prototype Stage For Your Game

Testing ideas in the prototype stage is a vital step in your game's development. But what should you test? And who to? We answer just that...

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How Coin Master Disrupted Social Casino And Pocketed $100M

Mobile games experts Om Tandon and Abhimanyu Kumar look into what Coin Master gets right, what the competition gets wrong, and how the Social Casino genre is evolving.

Blue-Green Deployments on Terraform (For Infrastructure Serving 850 Million Monthly Players)

In this post, you'll get a sneak peak into how we improved our infrastructure deployment practices, all by utilising the “Blue-Green deployment approach”.