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Learn how to turn your idea into a fully fledged business, from running a successful kickstarter campaign, to choosing the best publisher for your game.

A new approach to marketing mobile games

Mobile gaming is a fiercely competitive, fast changing field. Developers are under constant pressure to make games better. Meanwhile, advertising…

How Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Made the A-List

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the phenomenon that is…


Soft Touches on Clash of Clans Monetization

I’ve met a lot of fellow free-to-play-game developers recently and talking about games always eventually turns to monetization. Talking about monetization inevitably turns to the big successes in the market,…

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The science behind mobile game addiction

A great infographic on why players keep coming back for more...

Economic Research On MMORPGS: A Quick Overview

Virtual economies are an important feature for games. This is true not only for MMOGs, but a key component of the design and management of freemium and other types of games, as well.

Unleash the Power of Events to Drive Revenue in Games

Xing Wang gives game designers some insight on how to effectively leverage events in their games.

Monetizing Puzzle Games: Box It Game Review

Yaniv Nizan talks about the monetisation model of his latest favourite puzzle game.

Freemium Economics: Commerce at a Price Point of $0

Eric Seufert on Freemium Economics: Leveraging Analytics and User Segmentation to Drive Revenue, his recently published book that covers topics…

Attribution on Mobile is Fundamentally Different

Jennifer Wong, Director of Marketing at HasOffers, shares an educational article on fundamental differences between web and mobile campaign attributions.

Two misconceptions about paid user acquisition

Paid user acquisition has nothing to do with the creative vs. wholly data-driven design debate; paid user acquisition occurs outside…

42 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

42 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

From "banner ads" to "remove ads", this is a comprehensive list of all the ways you can generate revenue from your free to play game.

42 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

From Paid to Free(mium) in Three Steps

In this latest post, Michail Katkoff delves deeper into the realm of freemium and walks you through the process of…