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Monetizing your games can be a complicated process. We’ve built a collection of our top guides and strategies, to help you make the most out of your games.

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Hypercasual markets cover
Analytics tips

2020 in Metrics: Understanding Casual and Hypercasual Gaming Markets

A lot has changed over 2020 - especially the gaming market. But what are these changes? And what do you need to know? Using data from Benchmarks+, we cover just that.

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Mobile Game LTV
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How to Find Player LTV Blind Spots and Earn More From Your Game

Learn how to identify and address the most common blind spots for player LTV to grow your game’s revenue and profitability.

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Finding Hit Publishers Cover
Development & design

What’s Their Secret? 4 Steps Successful Publishers Take to Find Hit Games

How exactly do successful publishers find hit games? What’s their secret? Here’s a sneak peek behind the curtain.

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Analytics tips

How to Calculate CPI, CPC, eCPM and More

What are CPI, CPC and eCPM? In this blog series, we bust some jargon, explore exactly what these metrics are for and see how to calculate them.

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Calculate ARPDAU Cover
Analytics tips

How to calculate ARPU, ARPPU, ARPDAU and more

What do those acronyms really mean? In this blog series, we bust some jargon, explore exactly what these metrics are for, and see how to calculate them.

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Analytics tips

5 A/B tests to run during your soft launch

A detailed look at what A/B tests you can run and how to make the most of them during your soft launch, so you can create the best version of your game.

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Industry reports

ARPPU in top performing games up 20% compared to 2016

At GameAnalytics, we've recently launched Benchmarks+, a mobile intelligence tool for the games industry with a huge scale of global data. This platform includes aggregated insights for each KPI across 1.2 billion players, 16 billion sessions and 150 million transactions each month.

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AppFollow Feature Image
Guest posts

Most Featured Mobile Games Across the Globe in 2019

What were some of this year's top featured mobile games in different App Stores across the globe? Here's a fine selection that app-specialists, AppFollow, have put together.

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Ivan at Making Hit Idle Games

Hyper-Casual vs Idle: The Latest Trends in Mobile Games   

How has the idle category been performing compared to hyper-casual games? In the second of our event series, the Arcade R(E)volution, we covered just this. 

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