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Marketing strategy

Knowing how to market your game is a huge step in your games development. So we’ve put together some of the best practices to up your marketing strategy, pre and post launch.

Mid-Core Success Part 4: Monetization

In the last part of his Mid-Core series, Michail Katkoff talks about why sustained monetization is a result achieved through…

Mid-Core Success Part 3: Social

In part three of his Mid-Core Success series, Michail Katkoff talks about true social mechanics, the kind that add to…

Attribution on Mobile is Fundamentally Different

Jennifer Wong, Director of Marketing at HasOffers, shares an educational article on fundamental differences between web and mobile campaign attributions.

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Mid-Core Success Part 2: Retention

Michail Katkoff gives tips on how to overcome the challenge of returning players to your game with a well-though core…

Mid-Core Success Part 1: Core Loops

This is the first instalment of a 4-part series written by Michail Katkoff, Product Manager at Supercell. In this series, he explores what it takes to create a successful "mid-core" mobile game.

Game Economies – 5 mistakes to avoid

So you want your game to feature an in-game store? Avoid these five common blunders shared by Yaniv Nizan to…

How to Price your In-app Purchase Items

There's an entire science behind how to price your in-game purchases. Yaniv Nizan is back to give us some pointers…

Game Economy Balancing – 3 Ways to Prevent Pay-To-Win

Meet our new guest poster, Yaniv Nizan, CEO and co-founder of SOOMLA and also an expert in dynamic in-app purchases.…

How Criminal Case drives growth

Criminal Case is one of the best Facebook games in terms of growth. In this case study Michail Katkoff explains…

An Indie Perspective: Launching a F2P game

Tim Wicksteed, an indie developer from Bristol, shares how GameAnalytics helped him assess the effectiveness of the F2P implementation for…

The Economics Of Mobile Game Publishing

Eric Seufert is a quantitative marketer with a specific interest in freemium analytics and product design. Today, he tells us about the economics that go into publishing mobile titles.

Combatting Churn: 10 Reasons Why Players Quit Your Game

Joakim Achrén, CEO at My Next Games company, has more tips to share in this guest post. Joakim rates the top ten reasons for which players tend to quit social games and also offers solutions to avoid each specific scenario.