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Welcome to the GameAnalytics blog, where we try to help game makers build more engaging experiences through a strong understanding of their core metrics.

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News & releases

All of the latest news and releases from GameAnalytics can be found here: from recent releases and product updates, through to details of our most recent SDK integrations.

The New GameAnalytics iOS SDKs Have Landed!

This post comes bearing news for all you great developers using GameAnalytics: we have released two new iOS SDKs (native and…

The GameAnalytics-adjust Integration

As some of you may have noticed, we have in place a seamless integration with adjust – the business intelligence…

GameAnalytics and AppsFlyer team up!

We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with AppsFlyer! With our analytics engine we support the full lifecycle from acquisition, to retention and to monetization of players.…

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Predictive analytics set to become more valuable in light of rising CPIs

Say you produce and market mobile apps for iPhones. You have 1 million active users in the US. Now what…

The GameAnalytics-PlayMaker Integration Got Better

Jean Fabre about how well PlayMaker and GameAnalytics work together.

GDC Vault 2014 Must Watch

Allison Bilas gives her recommendations on the must watch game analytics related talks from the GDC Vault 2014.

Video: The Cohorts and Realtime tools, reimagined

See what's new in the updated Cohorts and Real-time tools.

How to use GameAnalytics to validate design decisions

We’re proud to announce that GameAnalytics has just been featured on Gamasutra in Amir Fassihi’s article on “Closing the Loop:…

Building beautiful games with Corona in a fraction of the time

With the occasion of the official GameAnalytics - Corona SDK partnership, David Rangel, COO at Corona Labs, points out the…

2013 in Review

There’s a saying floating around the Internet which goes something like this: “Time does not pass, it continues.” And, boy,…

Video: Time to upgrade your GameAnalytics SDK

We have added a new set of features to the GameAnalytics tool, but you can only use them to their…

Video: Brand new Explore tool coming your way

The GameAnalytics tool gets yet another face and functionality lift with an all-new Explore interface which closely matches the look…