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Welcome to the GameAnalytics blog, where we try to help game makers build more engaging experiences through a strong understanding of their core metrics.

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All of the latest news and releases from GameAnalytics can be found here: from recent releases and product updates, through to details of our most recent SDK integrations.

GameAnalytics partners up with Unity

We are proud to announce that GameAnalytics is now an Official Unity Asset Store Partner! This partnership is meant to…

Video: Introducing Custom Dashboards and Widgets

Get more out of GameAnalytics with these awesome new features that Kristoffer, our product designer, will walk you through.

Interview: Flying Monkey Interactive on Strangelings

What can possibly be the connection between GameAnalytics and genetics? Read our interview with Flying Monkey Interactive, one of our most successful customers, to find out .

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Interview: Whitaker Trebella on Pivvot

Minimalist yet intense, Pivvot was listed as one of the top 100 apps in over 140 countries and even managed…

GameAnalytics is now completely FREE!

Another small step towards democratizing game improvement.

Introducing Email Reports

Benefit from more mobility, as heatmaps become accessible anywhere and basic game statistics can now be sent to your inbox.…

Want to meet at Gamescom?

Since not everyone is going to The United States in the upcoming month, we're also going to be present at…

Introducing the GameAnalytics Unity Cheatsheet

We have listened closely to the feedback of our Unity users on the GameAnalytics package. Read below to see what this update brings.

March Must Read (and Watch)

We thought we'd point out some of the nicer inspirational content that has been floating around on the Internet in March for you game analysts, designers and developers.

GameAnalytics Goes Live: the Long Road to Democracy in Game Analytics

At GameAnalytics we believe knowledge is power. Here begins the long road to democracy.

5 New Must Reads On GameAnalytics

Here we present a handful of articles hand-picked by the GA team as particularly interesting - enjoy!

Ten Great Game Telemetry Reads

Finding the good reads in game telemetry can be difficult, as they are released across a lot of different knowledge networks, so we have tried recommending a few, aimed at the person who "wants to know more".