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Get the latest on industry trends, straight from the horse’s mouth. Here you’ll find top content from gaming experts like rising developers, through to marketing pro’s.

Navigating the hazards of game data

Effective data capture is vital to delivering games as a service. The trouble is how do we know what the…

3 Things Mobile Game Developers Can Learn From Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is not only a game of addiction, but one which also constantly has a lot of life…

Attribution on Mobile is Fundamentally Different

Jennifer Wong, Director of Marketing at HasOffers, shares an educational article on fundamental differences between web and mobile campaign attributions.

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Interpreting Game KPIs

Becoming A Games Analyst

We outline the process of becoming a viable games analyst, while also keeping an eye out for the most valuable resources out there.

Mid-Core Success Part 2: Retention

Michail Katkoff gives tips on how to overcome the challenge of returning players to your game with a well-though core…

Two misconceptions about paid user acquisition

Paid user acquisition has nothing to do with the creative vs. wholly data-driven design debate; paid user acquisition occurs outside…

Mid-Core Success Part 1: Core Loops

This is the first instalment of a 4-part series written by Michail Katkoff, Product Manager at Supercell. In this series, he explores what it takes to create a successful "mid-core" mobile game.

How To Detect and Prevent In-App Purchase Hacks

There are some experts who believe that fighting fraud in single player games is pointless. We look at ways to help prevent it.

42 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

42 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

From "banner ads" to "remove ads", this is a comprehensive list of all the ways you can generate revenue from your free to play game.

42 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

From Paid to Free(mium) in Three Steps

In this latest post, Michail Katkoff delves deeper into the realm of freemium and walks you through the process of…

Getting and keeping players in the game store

While most players will definitely check your in-game store out of sheer curiosity, it's a true art to keep them…

Balance and Flow Maps

Heatmaps are excellent tools for visualizing spatial behavioral data, but traditionally they are mainly used for evaluating death events