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Get the latest on industry trends, straight from the horse’s mouth. Here you’ll find top content from gaming experts like rising developers, through to marketing pro’s.

dont make me think

Don’t make me think – Applied to game design

No matter how big and smart our brains are, we humans are still lazy when it comes to thinking. Joakim…

Beating Candy Crush Saga

Michail Katkoff is back with more game analytics goodies. In this post specifically, he will dissect one of the most…

The Economics Of Mobile Game Publishing

Eric Seufert is a quantitative marketer with a specific interest in freemium analytics and product design. Today, he tells us about the economics that go into publishing mobile titles.

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Usability in Mobile Games: The Triumph of Bad Design?

Many successful games seem to have lately forgotten to include usability, which used to be the alpha and omega for game development, in their development process. Is it now the triumph of bad design?

Five Tips for Killer First-Time Flow

While the concept of flow has its roots in psychology, it's also associated with the world of video games. Flow is defined as that state in which a person is fully immersed into a video game, which guarantees maximum enjoyment.

Behind the Success of Hay Day

For Hay Day, the magic isn't just in the core loop or features. To find out what makes this game so successful, we take a deeper dive...

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How Rage of Bahamut Monetizes

Michail Katkoff, game analytics expert and friend of GameAnalytics, puts the spotlight on Rage of Bahmut - a game of contrasts, explaining how this game can effectively monetize players

Combatting Churn: 10 Reasons Why Players Quit Your Game

Joakim Achrén, CEO at My Next Games company, has more tips to share in this guest post. Joakim rates the top ten reasons for which players tend to quit social games and also offers solutions to avoid each specific scenario. 

7 Tips To Prevent Your Game From Failing

This guest post features Joakim Achrén, CEO at My Next Games company and former Director of Analytics at Supercell. Joakim will share some of his hard-earned tips for ensuring a healthy and promising development process for your game.

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How to Monetize an Infinite Runner

Michail Katkoff, Product Manager at Supercell, is an expert in making profitable games using game analytics. This post is a complex analysis on what defines a successful infinite runner game.