We’re glad to announce that we’ve just added Construct to our available SDKs, another great addition! Construct is a powerful engine for everyone, from beginners to pro game devs.

This is the 17th SDK we’ve released, highlighting our goal to bring GameAnalytics to every game developer, whatever your use-case or platform of choice. The integration process is fast and easy, just like all of our other SDKs. If you need more information you can read the dedicated documentation for Construct SDK.

Want to download the SDK? No probs! You can download it on Github here.

About Construct

Construct is specifically designed to create 2D Games. It offers an intuitive interface so that almost anyone can build their own game. With little to no game development knowledge you can start creating your game and bring it to life in just a few days.

Events systems, flexible behaviours, instant preview, visual effects and much more come included with Construct. You can tailor the game engine based on your needs and knowledge.

Drag, rotate and resize objects, visualize effects applied, and change their settings to your liking in the Properties Bar. Objects can be arranged on separate layers for enhanced organization, allowing advanced parallax and blending effects. You get that, right? Almost endless opportunity to boost your creativity…

From a single project, you can publish your games on a wide range of platforms without having to manage several codebases. It’s easier than ever to deploy to most of the major platform with Construct 2. Wrappers with built-in support let you reach iOS and Android too.

Need Help? Get In Touch…

For more information about the GameAnalytics service please read our general documentation. Our support team works thoroughly to fix every bug and check the feedback you send through to us on a daily basis. If you need specific help get in touch with our support team directly and they’ll sort your issue as soon as possible.

Remember to check our website; we are constantly working on new features that will give you even more freedom and ways to view your data. Specific requests? Contact us and we’ll be happy to consider your idea in our development roadmap.

Why GameAnalytics?

GameAnalytics is completely free and gives you unlimited access to the tools you need to understand player behavior and build great games. Within 5 minutes you can get:

  • A centralized view of player behavior in the game
  • Real-time insights that reflect the health of your game
  • Beautifully designed dashboards that combine KPI metrics with powerful filtering
  • Customisable reports, including automated emails of your KPIs

So, what are you waiting for? Get started integrating your game now! 🙂

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