With acquisition attribution you can track the performance of your marketing efforts across all sources. Attribution matches users to your advertising campaigns and help you understand how the users engage with your app and generate value. We partner with 4 different attribution services that send GameAnalytics attribution information. GameAnalytics matches the attributed user to users […]


Start sending to GameAnalytics relevant attribution data from Adjust. Adjust provides GameAnalytics with attribution data on installs, to allow you to correlate the stored data by source. All you have to do is give Adjust the Game key you received from us and we will take care of the rest. How do you do that? […]


The GameAnalytics – AppsFlyer integration allows you to get the much needed detailed insight into both the acquisition and the post-install data of your players lifecycle and value. We are always looking for simplicity when it comes to any integration process and we are happy to present you an easy two-step process to setup GameAnalytics […]


You can start sending attribution data using Apsalar postbacks. Apsalar is able to forward install notifications to GameAnalytics allowing you to understand from where your users are coming. The integration itself is a server-to-server setup which once configured it will keep a constant communication between Apsalar and GameAnalytics. You will need to set the Postback […]


Now you can send to GameAnalytics install postbacks from Kochava. Once the settings below are in place we will start accepting postbacks which will allow you to distinguish the organic traffic from the non-organic. For this to work, you just need to create a new postback and assign the Game Key of your game to […]

Mobile App Tracking

Since GameAnalytics focuses exclusively on analytics, it only provides the analytics technology and relies on MobileApplicationTracking (MAT) for the user acquisition campaign attribution itself. This article explains how install information reaches the GameAnalytics servers and gets attributed to players who are already tracked with GameAnalytics. NOTE: at this time, the integration works only for install […]