Data and events

GameAnalytics has 5 event types available for tracking different concepts in your game. The documentation below gives examples of how you might use each event. Specific code examples are included in the SDK documentation. Use this event to track real money transactions in your game. With the business event, you can include information on the […]

Implementing your tracking

The purpose of this article is to expose more examples of custom events in GameAnalytics and how they should be sent, from the planning phase up to aggregation and visualisation part in the tool. It is a complementary article to the Data and events page. We illustrate the generation of these events with examples from […]

Managing your account

We have setup the organization of users and games much like you would see it in the real world. Your studio is your company and your games are created and managed within a studio. You can at any time create new studios from the Home screen, like you can also be a part of multiple […]

Metric & dimensions reference

Metric Definition ARPDAU Average revenue per daily active user ARPPU Average revenue per paying user Attempts The number of times players complete or fail any level per day Average session length The average number of seconds spent per session Note: A session is defined by the time between when the game is opened or brought […]