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In our continuous drive to give you as much information as possible to know your game and players, we’ve just launched our newest feature: Benchmarks. Benchmarks allow you to compare your games’ performance to that of all the other games in the GameAnalytics’ network, giving you the context you need to make informed decisions that can improve your game.

To calculate our benchmarks we use the tracked digital footprint of 250M monthly active users derived from 5200 active games, spread across more than 20 genres. As our data represents a close reflection of the games’ market, the Benchmarks feature will give you an understanding of how you fare against the competition. In turn, this will help guide your development efforts.


How does it work?

Benchmarks come to enhance the Overview dashboard, and show how your retention (day 1, 7, 28 and 90), conversion rate, ARPDAU, ARPPU and average session length stack up against the rest of the 5k+ games in our network.

We calculate the benchmarks based on percentiles, which ranks games by each metric value from highest to lowest, and shows you the percentage below (or above) which your game falls. This method weeds out outliers in the data, so you can be sure the comparison is relevant and valid.

Let’s say your game’s day 1 retention falls within the top 25% of the GameAnalytics network, however your conversion is in the bottom 25% of games. Since it’s clear you’re nailing it on retention, a good strategy would be to focus your development efforts on converting players to monetizers.

Of course, each game is different in mechanics and monetization strategies. So, if our benchmarks show that your game is doing poorly on ARPPU, maybe that’s because most of your revenue comes from in-app advertising. Therefore, your ARPPU being in the lowest percentiles, shouldn’t be a concern.

As the gaming market is ever changing, we will update these benchmarks on a quarterly basis. To give you a sneak preview into how these work, below is the 50th percentile for each metric. In other words, this is the middle point at which 50% of the games in the GameAnalytics network fall above and 50% fall below for each of these metrics:


All you need to do now is log into your GameAnalytics account and check out the metrics above, to get a clear view on how your game is positioned in our network.


If you’re interested in understanding more about how your game stacks up against the competition, we offer specialized market intelligence reports where we break down these benchmarks (and more) by genre and geography, and compare your users’ behavior to that of players in other, similar games. For more information on these reports, contact us at intelligence [at] gameanalytics [dot] com.

Insights Team

Bringing you gaming insights since 2012.

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