As some of you may have noticed, we have in place a seamless integration with adjust – the business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers. But what does this mean for you? Everyone knows by now that in today’s market making a great game just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, if you’re using adjust to consolidate your ad campaigns, and GameAnalytics to track and analyse your players’ in-game behaviour, this feature can help you thoroughly evaluate and optimise your marketing efforts.

Through this easy-to-set-up integration that only requires you to copy-paste your GameAnalytics game key in the adjust analytics partners settings, you’ll be able to take full advantage of what both these great tools have to offer. Take Playraven, the Finnish game development studio behind Spymaster, for example. They’ve been using the adjust-GameAnalytics integration to pull their attribution data into our tool:

adjust is the key tool to understanding our user acquisition, and this is the first part of the bigger picture. Being able to connect these easily and sensibly – pulling the adjust attribution & user data into GameAnalytics allows us to see the entire process as a whole. No weird fragmentation, no inconsistencies, just solid data that we can work on top of.

Teemu Haila, Co-founder & VP @ Playraven

In short, the analysis you set up in GameAnalytics, including Dashboards, Explore and Funnels will be enhanced with the option of drilling down to publisher or campaign level. This way, you’ll be able to evaluate and optimise your player acquisition campaigns by also looking at the game-centric metrics GameAnalytics provides.

Getting this cohesive overview will allow for tracking and evaluating your paid players throughout their entire in-game lifecycle, and provide you with the full picture of where they come from, how they behave in-game, convert and monetize.

Follow these simple instructions and unlock this awesome feature!


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