We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with AppsFlyer!

With our analytics engine we support the full lifecycle from acquisition, to retention and to monetization of players. AppsFlyer, is a mobile app measurement, attribution and analytics SaaS platform that allows app developers, brands and agencies to measure mobile user acquisition across all media sources. By integrating the two tools, game develepors will be able to get the full picture of where their players come from and how the different cohorts convert and monetize. This provides great insight into the performance of user acquisition campaigns, and eases the optimization of these efforts.

“GameAnalytics supports the data-intensive games industry with custom made reporting, by breaking player actions into trackable data points, such as completion time per level, retention and monetization. But with millions of competitors out there, no matter how good your game is, it’s easy for it to get lost in the app store. This is where AppsFlyer comes into play.” Morten Wulff, founder of GameAnalytics.

“AppsFlyer can be used by an app publisher to work out from which networks they get the best response, by measuring mobile user acquisition across all media sources: paid, organic, viral and social. This means we can help publishers find the best possible channel for marketing their game, thus significantly increasing the possibility of getting noticed in the market space.” Ran Avrahamy, Head of Marketing at AppsFlyer

In short, this new integration will allow game developers to get the much needed detailed insight into both the acquisition and the post-install data of their players’ lifecycle and value.

Things get even better as the set-up is an easy 2 steps process. All you have to do is paste your GameAnalytics game key in AppsFlyer by following these instructions. Enjoy!


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