Here at GameAnalytics we believe that in game development, as in any other fields, knowledge is equivalent to power.

However, no matter the size and nature of different game studios, they are all united in a slight lack of such knowledge: if a game studio makes it big, it rarely knows and understands the factors that have led to its success.

And indeed, having a successful game is not only about creative power, good game design and buckets of inspiration. It is also about keeping an objective, statistical eye on development and monetization.

Thus, in the increasingly competitive world of games, top-notch analytics services might soon be the deciding factor between success and failure. Game analytics will soon become a necessity in itself.

Basement one-developer shows, cozy indie studios as well as game industry mammoths should then have access to the same high quality tools for making sense of the big data generated by games, understanding player behaviour, increasing retention, improving conversion and generally making games that people love. Game studios should not only be united in their lack of knowledge, but also in their ability to overcome it.

That is why the GameAnalytics service, when going out of beta, has launched under the ‘freemium’ model. This first month has taught us that the road to democracy in game analytics is paved with both hardships and pleasant surprises:

  • GameAnalytics sky-rocketed from zero to over three million Daily Active Users (DAU) in just three weeks, by handling the game metrics of over 100 studios. We have pretty graphs to prove it:

    Evolution of DAU tracked by GameAnalytics

    Evolution of games tracked by GameAnalytics
  • GameAnalytics is now one of the most popular packages in the Unity asset store, for the Services > Games Analytics section, and is also featured in the “Online Services” showcase section

  • While the game developer community has received GameAnalytics with its arms wide open, there is still a lot of room for improvement and for adding new features: atomic level reporting, custom queries, custom event timestamps, possibility to export graphs and filtering based on platform are just some of the features that have been requested by our users in the weeks since launch and we will do our best to keep everyone happy.

That being said, we would love to hear your thoughts on GameAnalytics, game analytics and making the journey to universally available game analytics tools smoother. You can use the feedback tab on the left to contact us with suggestions, or you could submit your feature requests directly on our support website.


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