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The Game Analytics Playbook at Nordic Game 2014

Jean Fabre is a Unity developer who likes building projects from the ground up, integrating existing artwork and focusing on developing the interactive features and UX.

I was really excited when I found out that in my first month in Denmark I would get to participate and speak at one of the most anticipated Scandinavian events of the year, the Nordic Game Conference.

I thought it a great way to get to know the games scene here, and I wasn’t wrong. It was interesting how Massive Entertainment’s David Polfeldt’s keynote seemed to be directly aimed at me. He explored why the Swedish/Scandinavian developers are so good, and I got to understand so much about the dev culture in the Nordics. If you missed David’s keynote, and are eager to find out the answers to his question, you can read all about it in Leigh Alexander’s coverage on Gamasutra.

I got to meet a lot of interesting people and to listen to inspiring talks, so I can honestly say my first Nordic Game was excellent. I was glad to see that my talk also stirred interest, as I got to answer a lot of follow-up questions. This made me believe that my slides and speaker notes could be of interest to more of you out there, so here they are:

Looking forward to next year’s Nordic Game!

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The Game Analytics Playbook at Nordic Game 2014