It’s been a couple of months now since we’ve updated the GameAnalytics platform. If you’ve been following these posts, then you’ll know by now that we’ve been hard at work fixing bugs, tweaking existing features and all in all, getting the tool ready for a solid year of game analytics. 

As promised, below you will find the all of the changes in our tool (during January 2019), big or small. If you have any questions about anything, or feel like we’ve missed something, feel free to email us at

Historical Data Retrieval

We’ve recently had a few questions around our data retrieval and retention policy within GameAnalytics. To make sure everyone is on the same page, we wanted to clear things up for you. Here’s the policy as it stands: 

  • We have a backend Data Retention Policy of 12 months
  • We provide the ability to query Historical Data for the last 12 months. This applies across all features of GameAnalytics, except for Segments and Data Export
  • For Data Export, we provide the ability to export data for the last 6 months.
  • For Segments, we provide the ability to run a segment over the past 1 month of data. What this means is that after creating a segment, it always can be applied to the past month’s worth of data. 
  • For Dashboards, Explore Tool and Cohorts you can query historically up to July 1st 2018.  It was from this month onwards when our new backend went live with all GameAnalytics users, events and metrics.

General Improvements

  • Added the ability to open games into a new tab from the Overview Homepage.
  • Annotations now persist when switching between dashboards.
  • Reintroduced Monthly and Weekly Granularity to all dashboards.
  • UI improvements and fixes to specific Safari browser.

Realtime Dashboard

  • Reintroduced splits within the Error Event widget.

Quality Dashboard

  • Filters can now be applied to the Error Report widget.
  • Fixed the issue where for some games, errors would not load within the Error Report widget.

Resource Dashboard

  • Reintroduced the hover over button within widget totals, to allow for viewing of totals for each resource type.

Custom Dashboards

  • Fixed the issue where the metric would change when expanding a custom dashboard widget.


  • Fixed the issue where the processed date was incorrect.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes the re-try button would not work.
  • UI improvements and fixes.


  • Experiments have been removed from GameAnalytics. (Sorry, but we needed to do this so we can give you a better experience when running A/B testing. This was removed with our legacy infrastructure, however we are going to reintroduce this feature later in 2019).

Explore Tool

  • Added the ability to Group By and Split with Retention. 
  • Fixed UI issues with the Metric Picker not pre-populating correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where for some games, events would not load in the Filter Picker. 
  • Improvements to the threshold limits on events:
Group By Category X-axis (groupBy) Values Allowed Y-axis (split) Values Allowed
Time All 20
Not Time 500 200

What’s on the horizon?

We’re constantly updating and improving our tool, and we want to be clear with you about what we’re working on. That being said, here are some of the key improvements, features and fixes that you’ll be able to see in the platform soon:

    • Reintroduction of the dynamic tabs for Monetization and Resource dashboards.
    • Updated and improved UX/UI when applying Filters.
    • Reintroduction of the Live Feed to the Realtime Dashboard.
    • New metric calculations: Mean by User and Mean by Session 

If you have any trouble using the new GameAnalytics platform, or just want to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly support team is available to answer any question, investigate any issue, or even give you a tour of the new tool.

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