As you probably already know, GameAnalytics is part of Mobvista Inc, a leading technology company working with brands, publishers, and advertisers around the world. Now, a little more than a year since our parent company went public, Mobvista is unveiling a new look and a new company mission. This means a new look for GameAnalytics, too.

Mobvista’s aim with this transition is to align their technology and services with their client’s needs – with our sister brand, Nativex, being the face of this new mission.

In this first phase of rebranding for GameAnalytics, the biggest change you’ll have noticed is our logo. And whilst Mobvista and Nativex have both rolled out this new identity across their assets and website, we’re currently working on our own fresh angle to this new branding. 

Before we give you an overview of what’s new, here are a few other bigger yet exciting changes you can expect later this year:

  • New user interface: If you’ve used our platform recently, then you might have come across some new designs for A/B Testing and Remote Configs. We’re still polishing off some edges here, but expect to see this new style for the rest of the tool soon.
  • Brand new website layout: We won’t just be updating our style and color. We’ll also be rolling out a whole new website that aligns all of our products, resources, and services together in one central place.

The new GameAnalytics logo

GameAnalytics rebrand old logo                     GameAnalytics rebrand new logo

Since the launch of GameAnalytics in 2012, we’ve stayed true to our original logo (on the left). And although we love what this logo stands for, it was definitely due for a refresh. You can probably see some obvious differences in the two (the change in font, for example), but here is some more detail on what we’ve changed, and why: 

A more softened look and feel 

One of our decisions was to soften our current logo and make it more contemporary – giving the wordmark a bit more width and stability.

New brand colors 

We also brightened the dark blue from our existing branding, and introduced a contrasting green element – a color that’s bright, organic, and all about growth and nurture. A color that also represents the connections we have with our customers, the global app ecosystem, and, of course, the wider Mobvista group.

Bridging the gap between brands

To do this, we came up with the idea of connecting the dot of the “i” and the letter “t” together to form a visual bridge. It also acts as indicators of the two drivers of the business, the individual and the technology, while connecting our technology to the wider world. 

This use of the letters is carried across the Mobvista and Nativex logos, bringing a visual consistency to the whole company.

A new identity, a new mission

Although Nativex will be the new face of Mobvista, Mintegral and GameAnalytics will continue to be cornerstones of the wider group’s business and global growth.

This rebranding process has been such a positive experience for all of us at GameAnalytics. Not only has it allowed us to step back and look at the company with a fresh perspective, but it has also been a powerful opportunity to rethink and realign what we do and how we do it. 

As Mobvista’s goal is “to power global commercial growth in the digital age,” we want to contribute to this by building the best and smartest tools to help publishers and game studios navigate the digital world. And with products like Benchmarks+, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

That’s it from us for now. Keep an eye out for the bigger rebranding update later this year. 

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