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GameAnalytics Will Be At GDC 2018!

That’s right, stop the presses and get ready, because it’s almost time for GDC 2018, and we’ll be there! With candy, prizes, and even our own talk session about breaking into China!

Community Manager at GameAnalytics

GDC is one of the world’s largest professional games industry events. Game designers, programmers, artists, producers, and more will be present for 5 days, from March 19th-23rd 2018. There are plenty of lectures, panels, and tutorials, as well as opportunities to network and educate yourself further.

Last year saw Nintendo developers give a talk on creating the megahit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, legendary game designer Warren Spector provide a deep dive post-mortem into the seminal Deus Ex, and indie developer Rami Ismail led developers across the world in a discussion how they create games in their own countries in #1reasontobe.

For more information, visit the GDC Website.

Will you be there?

Yes! We will and you can find us at Booth 2001 (South Hall). Don’t be shy! Come say hi, and plot your plans for world domination with us!

If you want to get hold of us before the event and plan a visit or interview in advance:

Additionally, we’ll also be taking part in a talk sponsored by Mobvista, in conjunction with NativeX and Mintegral from 10-11am on the 23rd March, discussing how to break into the Chinese market through mobile gaming. We’ll be conducting our part of the talk in attendance with publishers Kabam, who’ll recount their experiences and advice for breaking into the elusive market.

Are you doing any cool competitions this year?

Yes we are! You see, like that guy who had the Chocolate Factory, we’ll have several hundred chocolate bars in a sweet display on our stand including Hershey’s, Snickers, Twix, and rainbow-tasting Skittles and Starburst. Some of these candies will have an elusive Golden Sticker on them, which will give you the chance to win Amazon Vouchers worth either $25, $50, or $100!

How do you get your hands on one of these? Simple! Just come to the booth (once again, it’s Booth 2001 in the South Hall!), show us a smile and say “please may I have some candy?”, and you’ll be able to get your hands on some sweet chocolatey goodness, and maybe some more sweet, sweet prizes! There are ten vouchers to win each day for a total of thirty, so there’s plenty of potential to be a very lucky winner!

This could be you!

What if I don’t like chocolate?

We have never known this situation to happen before, and thus have not prepared for this eventuality.

See you at GDC 2018!

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GameAnalytics Will Be At GDC 2018!