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GDC Vault 2014 Must Watch

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Almost a month has passed since GDC, and things have truly gotten back to normal: recovering, check; follow-ups, check; catching up on emails, check. Now, with a clear head, let me revisit our experience at GDC 2014, and more importantly, give you my recommendations on what analytics related talks you should watch from the GDC Vault.

A friend of mine describes GDC as the “high school reunion of the gaming industry”, and with a record 24,000 people in attendance, how could it not feel like everyone was there? The Moscone Conference Center was packed from the Expo Floor to the interactive Deathmatch with John Romero space. Not to mention the two Starbucks locations on site that had lines out the door pretty much all day, every day of the conference. (Kudos to the baristas… the wait for coffee was never more than 10 minutes!) We were fortunate to have warm, sunny weather, so the Yerba Buena Gardens was a great option for taking a break (or another meeting) outside.

Matthias and I had a full schedule of back-to-back meetings all week. We met with developers and publishers using GameAnalytics, and used the opportunity to talk about our product strategy and roadmap. There were some clear themes that came through – including a strong interest in deeper analytics and using data to improve the game and experience of gamers as a whole. As the incoming VP of Product, it was exciting and motivating!

With so many meetings, I was unfortunately unable to attend as many sessions as I would have liked! There were many that touched on analytics and data, however. So, without further ado, here’s my list of required watching from the GDC Vault:

(Those of you who attended the conference can access these in the GDC Vault. They also have a subscription plan for those of you who didn’t attend. For most talks, the slides are available as free content.)

How about you? Did you attend GDC this year? What did you think about how analytics and data was represented?

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GDC Vault 2014 Must Watch