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How to Get the Most Out of GameIntel

In case you missed the news, we’ve just launched our new market intelligence tool, GameIntel. Here’s how it works.

We’ve just launched our new mobile intelligence platform, GameIntel. With it, you can follow market trends, see which games have the best performance indicators, and supercharge your game research and ideation.

But what exactly can you do with GameIntel? Well, how long is a piece of string? It really depends on what you’re looking for and what questions you need answering. But to get your creative juices flowing, and give you an inside look to our new platform, here are a few things to get you started.

1. Be the first to know about breakout hits

Nice and easy one to kick us off. You can track the top charts in real-time, around the world. Free or paid. Updated hourly. You’ll get all the key information you need about these hit games. All of the key info about each game is there, too. Including estimation data for installs and DAU, so you can easily spot which games are true stars, and not just one-hit-wonders.

If you navigate to Global Hits, you can also view the top-charting games worldwide. We’ve included a Visibility score, which essentially tells you how popular the game is around the globe. The higher the score, the more internationally famous it is. Pretty useful when checking out what games are doing well in specific countries.

2. Put the app store under the microscope

You can learn about all the titles on the App Store, all at once, using Game Explorer. We’ve trawled through the App Store, grabbed, bagged, and tagged all the data you’d want, so you can easily search for relevant titles, spot trends, and supercharge your games research and ideation.

What’s great about the Game Explorer is just how granular you can go with your searches. We’ve tagged over 150k games with contextual data points. Meaning you can search for any type of game, no matter how niche it may be. For example, you could look for tower defense games in a pixel theme with a female target audience, that only focuses on IAP as a primary source of revenue (and maybe has the word ‘alien panda’ in the title, if you wanted to push it). You can essentially use this tool to improve your product research and ideation stage, or perhaps find a gap in the market.

3. Get accurate estimations, powered by GameAnalytics

We mentioned this above, but you can now not only track all of the games in the market, but also dive even deeper with our estimations data for installs, DAU, retention, and more. This data is backed by GameAnalytics’ historical data (from more than a third of the world’s players). So you’ll know the true potential of a new game or developer – quickly gauge whether they’re a low-level henchman or an endgame boss.

Keep an eye out for our Performance score

We’ve also layered in our Performance score. It essentially aggregates several factors to create a numerical performance indicator for games. You can use this score to get an idea of just how good the game truly is, especially when they’re recently released or about to hit the stores.

4. Unlock your source of truth, backed with real data

It’s impossible to set yourself targets if you don’t know what’s reasonable. You’ll therefore be glad to hear that Benchmarks+ is now included within GameIntel. With all that data, you’ll be able to see the industry averages across genres for all the key metrics you’ll need, including: average retention rates, average usage stats, and monetization insights. You can filter by genre, platform, region, and country to learn whether there’s room to improve your games, based on real, aggregated usage data from more than ⅓ of the world’s players.

If you haven’t used Benchmarks+ before, then you’ll realize it’s a great way to find out how different genres and subgenres’ metrics are performing across different countries. Use it to benchmark your own games’ stats against the industry average, and find out where you stand on the market.

How does it all work?

Well, GameAnalytics is used in tens of thousands of active games, which are played by billions of people every month. We take all that data, then anonymize and aggregate it to show you the industry averages broken down into performance quantiles. On top of that, we’ve now captured and categorized hundreds of thousands of games across the wider market, letting you search through all the public data in one, centralized view. This unique blend of data enables us to provide performance estimates for the entire industry.

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