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Introducing GameIntel: Your Industry Source of Truth

Discover trends, key usage metrics and track the pulse of the mobile gaming industry with our new tool: GameIntel.

Raise the curtain and turn on the spotlight, because we’ve got an exciting new tool for you. It’s called GameIntel. And it’s here to bring accurate game-industry insights to developers of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re a small indie outfit, or a serial top-ranking publisher.

With GameIntel, you’ll be able to follow market trends in real-time, see which games have the best performance indicators, and supercharge your game research and ideation. What’s more, you’ll also have access to the popular Benchmarks+ service included within your GameIntel account.

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You can try it out for free here or read on to learn more (including how to claim a special discount — up to 40% off 12 months access to GameIntel). Details below.

Why did we build GameIntel?

Most mobile intelligence tools cost a small fortune. With GameIntel, you now have an affordable and transparently priced alternative to get the insights you need to make hit games.

Game Explorer Dashboard

We built GameIntel to help improve your game research and find out everything you want to know about the mobile games industry in a single tool. Access powerful market insights dashboards, including interactive views of the top charts, global top-performing games, and publishers, recently released titles, trending games, and upcoming titles.

GameIntel also includes deep categorization of hundreds of thousands of games, with many millions of contextual data points allowing you to search across the entire app store for games. Explore the gaming market with more ease and accuracy than ever before with game-specific, contextual search functionality.

What can you do with GameIntel? 

  • See the top charts for all major nations, updated hourly
  • See the global hits and top-performing publishers
  • Search a game database of more than a quarter of a million titles
  • Discover performance and usage estimates for top games
  • Learn which games are trending over the last day, week or month
  • See recently released games, and titles that are upcoming
  • Explore hundreds of datapoints, including themes, art style, mechanics
  • Search across hundreds of thousands of games tagged with contextual metadata
  • View aggregated benchmarking data for all key metrics.

New pricing for INDIES

We’re keen to make sure GameIntel is accessible for all, so we’ve added a low-cost INDIE tier, too. This unlocks most of the core functionality with just a few limitations on the data.

Market Insights Dashboard

What if I already use Benchmarks+?

Don’t worry. Your account won’t change and you’ll still be able to use all those features within GameIntel. You’ll now just have a load of extra functionality included. Enjoy!

Save up to 40% on our pro plans

For a 20% discount, apply the code INTEL2021.

It works on all plans, including annual — where by paying for the year you can double the discount for a whopping 40% total saving. What are you waiting for? Start your quest now.

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