Spring is already upon us, so we thought of bringing a breeze of fresh air into the GameAnalytics SDK for Unity. We have listened closely to the feedback of our Unity users on the GameAnalytics package. Read below to see what this update brings.

  • Full Flash Support: The GameAnalytics SDK for Unity now fully supports Flash; as a result, the performance of the entire code has been optimized
  • Gizmos! Logos!: the GameAnalytics objects are now easily identifiable in the hierarchy and scene view
  • Sexier Heatmaps (is that even possible?): you can now choose a custom grid size for your heatmaps to eliminate scale issues
  • A more flexible tracker: the interval for the BreadCrumb event submission is now modifiable
  • Other bug squashes 

Celebrating the SDK’s upgrade to version 0.4.0, we have also released an awesome Unity cheatsheet to make your development days brighter. It features:

  • getting started tips
  • an intuitive visual representation of the event structure
  • code snippets
  • heatmap tips
  • custom tips for building against different custom platforms in Unity

The Unity cheatsheet is available in two versions below.

The high-resolution version is intended for printing. Print it and keep it on your desk for quick reminders.

You can store the PDF version on your computer directly, to quickly copy-paste and adapt GameAnalytics code snippets into your own game code.


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