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Here we go again with another benchmarks update!

As you may know, Benchmarks is a feature that allows you to compare your KPIs to those of 6,000 (and counting) other games tracked by GameAnalytics. Trends in the industry are continuously moving, and we offer you a reference point from which to start your analysis and drive business decisions.

If you are wondering what the current situation of the market is, you should log in and check it out. Benchmarks for September are up and ready!


Some highlights for September 2015:

ARPDAU, ARPPU and Conversion have increased for genres such as Word, Trivia, Sports and Puzzle. Although retention overall has not increased, the same substantial growth is found in session length.

This might be a direct consequence of people going back to work after vacation, and therefore, daily commuting. According to a new report published by The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), Puzzle, Trivia and Word games are the top choice by commuters (38%), who most likely will play up to two different game genres during their commute.

In September, players have both played longer sessions and spent more money than in August. ARPPU in particular increased almost $1 for those genres, and session length gained around half a minute.

Top conversion is now found in Puzzle, while during August Multiplayer and Kids shared the first place.

Of course, these numbers are most interesting when compared to your game’s specific performance. We include 1, 7, 28, 90-day retention, average session length, ARPPU and ARPDAU on our Benchmarks Dashboard.
Take a moment to log into GameAnalytics to see how you’re doing. Or sign up for our free tool to get access!

Rosa Colom

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