At the end of March, our parent company Mobvista announced their strongest year ever. Over 2019, their total revenue grew by 15.1% to overtake the $500 million mark. Nearly two-thirds of that was purely from Mintegral, our programmatic advertising brand, which quickly turned from a promising newcomer, into a trusted growth partner for gaming studios around the world. 

Meanwhile, EBITDA has increased too – up 19.5% to $51.6 million, showing the business is not only growing, but becoming more efficient along the way. 

Last year was an important one in the growth of Mobvista, as we’ve continued to invest in developing an ecosystem of best-in-class technologies and products that help our customers to achieve their goals,” said Clement Cao, Mobvista’s co-founder and president. “We are now seeing more publishers, brands, and advertisers working with us across the entire life cycle of their products through our Nativex, Mintegral, and GameAnalytics brands.

So how did our group of companies get to have such a great year? It’s down to three trends.

Programmatic mobile

It was Mintegral, our sister company, that largely drove this dramatic surge in revenue. Overall, Mobvista made $320 million from Mintegral – a 40.8% increase from last year – and Mintegral alone was responsible for 64.0% of Mobvista’s total revenue. Not too bad for a brand that’s been on the market for just over two years. 

How was that possible? Well, they partnered with more platforms and increased the number of apps who use their SDK. Over 26,000 apps across all categories now use the ad platform, reaching more than 500 million daily active users. That’s a massive amount of ads every day. It’s no surprise that the revenue skyrocketed.

This success has earned Mintegral the title of one of the biggest hitters in the industry. In a recent index by AppsFlyer, whose ranking for mobile ad platforms is one of the most respected in the industry, Mintegral placed 6th for performance on iOS and Android (out of 252) – edging out Twitter, TikTok and Apple search ads. Similarly, Mintegral came 2nd in the global growth index. So sure, TikTok is everywhere nowadays, but it turns out so is Mintegral.

Europe and the Americas still offer room for growth

While most ad companies struggle to make it on a global scale, Mobvista has managed to expand successfully from Asia to the rest of the world, and it has a great year to show for it. Revenue in the US and Latin America rose by 62.3%, reaching nearly $67.8 million. And EMEA grew even more drastically, jumping 86.9% to $72.7 million. Together, these markets made up over a quarter (28.0%) of Mobvista’s total revenue.

Markets in Europe and North America have typically been considered too crowded for new entrants in the ad space, but Mobvista has proven that products with valuable USPs can still make their mark and grow to disrupt local competition.

They’ve been able to invest in more R&D

This increase in revenue is strongly connected with intelligent product development. To increase the ROI and yield for advertisers and publishers across the Mobvista ecosystem, the group invested heavily in developing its technical capabilities. In fact, they’ve pumped in an extra 20.5% (now $35.2 million, 7.0% of their total revenue) into R&D.

Investments have been focused on programmatic targeting, big data, and artificial intelligence. Ultimately, this research will help Mobvista offer brands, advertisers, and developers a bigger and better toolset. 

That said, it’s crucial to keep each programmatic interaction as efficient as possible. Mobvista has made it a key priority that the group’s cloud infrastructure is state of the art and performing at the highest standard possible.

What next?

I believe in the next 5-10 years Mobvista will become a key global partner for leading online businesses, helping our customers and partners thrive in the digital age,” Mobvista group president Clement Cao concluded. With its strong track record for global growth, it’s certain that Mobvista already has a head start on this journey.

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