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Our Ads Dashboard has arrived

Make the most of your in-game ads by seeing your data in our new dashboard. Improve your ads performance by answering the big questions.

Now we’ve plugged MoPub’s data into our tool, we’re excited to announce a dedicated Ads Dashboard. With it, you can make the most of your in-game ads and see exactly how much you’re earning from each impression you show.

The dashboard will display ad metrics based on the following sources.

Ad event Developer activated SDK Ad Events during ad activity like ads being displayed or clicked.
MoPub Integration Impression level ad revenue data automatically sent from our SDK when initial configuration is set up.

MoPub is only the first ad integration – we’ve got more to come, too.

Refine your ad monetization strategy

Ads are getting increasingly important for game studios and publishers in their monetization strategy. Many developers are turning to use ads to unlock and drive a new revenue stream. That also helps them to continue producing free content for their users. Understanding how those ad revenue figures are doing and analysing player’s ad behaviour are now equally important for a game’s success.

We felt that was something to support. With our new dashboard, you get to keep an eye on those important figures and get critical insights about your ads.

How many players who saw an ad actually clicked it? Which kinds of ads do your players prefer to click? (Maybe your game has an unusually high number of cartographers who go wild for those steel-printed map ads? Perfect. Show more of those, then.) And how much have you actually been earning?

The Ads Dashboard helps you see that kind of data in a simple way, so you can figure out these puzzles.

Filter and customize to your heart’s content

Our dashboard has some pre-selected widgets to give you an overview of how your ads are performing:

  • ad impressions
  • ad clicks
  • ad revenue (total and per user)
  • ad placements

This data can be drilled down using date range and common filters like Country and Platform. You can also head to the Explore Tool for more discovery.

There’s more to come

We’re thrilled to have impression-level data from MoPub, but we’re not stopping there. We’re already working on plugging more data from other providers. In fact, you can help us by showing your interest and testing out what we’ve got ready. So if you use Applovin MAX, IronSource, TopOn, or Fyber, and you’d like to be one of the first users, let us know.

Up next: your user-level and campaign-level data.

Try out the Ads Dashboard

If you don’t already have a GameAnalytics account, sign up. Otherwise, just log in, click on a chosen game and you can find it in the Dashboards menu on your left-hand side. You can read more about the Ads Dashboard in our help documentation.

Lastly, feel free to tell us which integrations are most important to you. Check out our roadmap and have your say.

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