After a smashing conference in London back in January, PGC is back again – this May, it gathers in Seattle. This event will be bursting with hours of unmissable insights from a wide range of industry representatives, but with so much on the gaming table, how will you choose which ones to attend?

To give you a helping hand, here are some of the top choices for talks you should pencil in, plus all the details you’ll need on the day.

1. Global Trends in Hyper-casual Games (with me)

PGC Seattle 2019

When: 13th May 2019, 9.40am – 10am

Speaker: Iván Bravo, Director of Customer Operations at GameAnalytics

I can’t help but be a bit biased, but there’s really no better way to kick off PGC Seattle 2019 than to get the low-down on hyper-casual gaming, surely?

Make sure to catch me in my talk about the most up-to-date benchmarks on both casual and hyper-casual gaming. I’ll be opening with this session, as part of PGC Seattle 2019’s Superstar Speaker talks.

This data is similar to our 2018 benchmarks report, but has been refreshed and has a spotlight on the casual and arcade genre. I will also give you a sneak peek in one of our new and most exciting products that can help you retain and maximize your player base through precision targeting. If you’re looking for top tips to retain or re-engage high-value players, don’t miss this!

2. Lessons from Launching 10+ Hyper-casual Games in China (with JoyPac)

PGC Seattle 2019 2

When: 13th May 2019, 2pm – 2.20pm

Speaker: Allison Bilas, Chief Operating Officer at JoyPac

Interested in Publishing games in China? Then you’ll definitely want to stop by this session. Allison Bilas, COO at JoyPac, shares their lessons from launching 10+ hyper-casual games in China, and what developers need to look out for when tackling the East.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry. JoyPac has actually shared an article on the top challenges developers face when tackling the East.

3. Panel – Ad Monetisation, IAP, Subscription Model – What is the Future of Monetization?

PGC Seattle 2019 3

When: 13th May 2019, 4.40pm – 5.20pm

Speakers: Stephanie Mello, Co-Founder & CMO of Quorom Control; Matthew Taylor, Head of Supply Sales at Vungle; Chris Archer, Studio Head at Rogue Games; Božo Janković, Business Development Manager at Nordeus

You’re definitely spoilt for choice this year at PGC Seattle 2019. And if you really are struggling to choose, then we strongly recommend checking out some of this year’s panel sessions.

In particular, this session on ad monetization, where leading brands Qurom Control, Vungle, Rogue Games, and Nordeus talk about what exactly is the future of monetization strategies (which will be really interesting, especially with the announcement of Google Stadia and Apple Arcade).

Here are some details about the speakers, and what they specialize in:

  • Stephanie Mello offers her insights, specializing in product marketing strategies as the Co-Founder and CMO of Quorom Control.
  • Matthew Taylor comes to the conversation through his role as Head of Supply Sales for the Americas and EMEA at Vungle, a leading mobile advertising and app-monetization start-up.
  • Chris Archer joins us, as Studio Head of Rogue Games, having had over 25 years of experience in the production of a number of titles, working with developers and publishers alike.
  • Last but not least, Božo Janković joins the panel in his capacity as Business Development Manager at Nordeus, a mobile games studio based in Belgrade, Serbia.

4. Tips on Making Your Hypercasual Game a Success in China (with Mintegral)

PGC Seattle 2019 4

When: 14th May 2019, 10.40am –  11am

Speaker: Jeff Sue, General Manager at Mintegral

Want to hear even more about hyper-casual gaming at PGC Seattle 2019? (Just in case our own talk wasn’t enough). Then you should definitely drop in on Jeff Sue’s session, where he’ll not only talk about the latest trends on hyper-casual games, but also how to make your hyper-casual game a success in China.

Jeff is the General Manager of Mintegral, an interactive ad platform that is driven by developments in AI. His work involves building strong relationships with publishers, as well as teaching them the techniques that go towards perfecting ad monetization.

5. Instant Games and the Future of Frictionless (with Knock Knock)

PGC Seattle 2019 5

When: 14th May 2019, 11.40am – 12pm

Speaker: Andrew Green, Co-Founder and COO of Knock Knock

How close are we to finally having games that have little to no download times? It’s a bold ambition – who better to ask about this, than none other than Andrew Green, the co-founder and COO of Knock Knock games.

In this session, see Andrew share his expert view on what frictionless gaming will really mean and how it will reshape the gaming industry. Have you been wondering what the key ingredients could be, to make the perfect instant gaming experience? Andrew’s got just the thing for you.

6. Blockchain Games vs Games Using Blockchain (with Mythical Games)

PGC Seattle 2019 6

When: 14th May 2019, 4pm – 4:20pm

Speaker: John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games

John Linden, the CEO of next-gen gaming studio Mythical Games, will be examining the differences between games that use it versus blockchain gaming. (This promises to be a brilliant topic for anyone interested in adopting blockchain in their own game.)

And what better way to approach the gaming-meets-blockchain story than hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth? Mythical Games are on the frontline, making active use of blockchain in its work. John will have some truly unique stories to tell.

Think we’ve missed anything?

This is just a taste of what PGC Seattle 2019 has on offer, so remember, there are loads more sessions to get your teeth into. Feel like we’ve missed something that deserves to be on there? Email us at and we’ll make sure to get it added.

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We’ll be there too, so let’s catch up

Iván Bravo – Customer Operations Director

If you miss my talk, then feel free to grab a coffee with me instead to talk all things hyper-casual (or anything else gaming, if you’d like). I’m up for a chat, so catch me while you can.

Dev Jadev – Developer Relations Officer

Dev is something of a publisher expert, having spent much time building valuable working relationships with publishers each day. If you’re keen to talk about the upcoming features and services this is the perfect opportunity to book a catch-up, where he’ll fill you in with what’s to come.

Renato Gallo – Developer Relations Associate

Renato is an incredibly avid gamer. If there’s a studio or game that’s new to the fray, there’s a good chance he knows about it. And if you’re a studio wishing to learn more about the work GameAnalytics does and want to know how we can use our skills to help you, then Renato is definitely your man. He can call upon his vast knowledge of studios and gaming to zero in on the best metrics for you to focus on.

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