As some of you may already know, a few months ago we released a public beta for Segments, a feature that lets you create and analyze groups of users based on their attributes.

After a fair amount of testing, developing, and more importantly, listening to you, we’ve now decided to end our Segments beta and remove this feature from our tool (later this month). However, we’re excited to announce that we’ll actually be replacing this with our new and improved feature, Audience Builder, and would love for you to test the exclusive beta.

We appreciate that this can come as a big change, so in this post we’ll be explaining exactly why we removed Segments and what to expect from our new Audience Builder. If you’re interested in trying out this new private beta (which we strongly recommend), then read on.

Thank you for making our Segments beta a success

Before we dig into the details, we wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has participated in the Segments beta.

We really appreciate your help in testing this feature and for all of the invaluable feedback, ranging from improvements, to feature requests, through to bug reports. So again, thank you. This will help us build an even better experience in the future.

Why we’re removing Segments

At the moment, you’re able to easily break down your users by defining user attributes in the Segments feature. But from your feedback, we learned that there is a ton more you would like to do with this.

And rather than tweaking and fiddling with what was already there, it’s actually easier and quicker for us to scrap this feature and go back to the drawing board (which so far has proved to be the best decision). This will let us take into consideration all of your feedback, and build something better than what Segments had to offer.

And when we’re removing Segments

You can expect to see Segments removed from our tool later this month. We’ve yet to set a date in stone, but we’ll send an announcement out as soon as we know. If you have any questions, get in touch with our support team at

So, what is Audience Builder?

To put it simply, a bigger and better Segments. But with a heck of a lot more capabilities.

With Audience Builder, you’ll be able to create audiences from your portfolio of games (custom segments) which you can then use for analysis, retargeting, improving engagement and acquiring new users.

A few of the key features we want to include are:

  • Create audiences from players of your games, using definitions based on basic and complex include/exclude statements.
  • Prebuilt audience definitions created by our Data Science team.
  • Exporting of audiences as user lists, including Advertising IDs (IDFAs and GAIDs).
  • Upload audiences to Advertising Partners.

What you can do with these audiences

A lot. You have a ton of data within your portfolio, so segmenting these data into audiences will open up new opportunities in:

1. User Acquisition

Where you can share your audiences with Advertising Partners, and this means you’ll be able to create:

  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Exclusion Lists

2. Example Audiences

And using player behavior and spending data from your games, you’ll be able to create unique audiences such as:

  • Paying players
  • Active ad-whales
  • Inactive players from English speaking countries
  • Players who have installed multiple games from your studio
  • Players on iPhone XS, who have spent more than 30 minutes playing and watched more than 5 rewarded videos
  • And many more using custom expression parameters and segment conditions with your in-game events.

What is retargeting and why should you care about it?

In short, behavioral retargeting is a type of online advertising targeted to players based on their previous actions.

By sharing audiences from our tool with your preferred advertising partners for personalized retargeting campaigns, you’ll likely get better KPIs on your marketing spend and ad campaigns.

Here are some campaigns ideas to help paint a better picture:

High-Value Players

Increase engagement on active players that we know are valuable.

Churned Players

Re-engage users that have recently churned but who were previously high-value players.

Cross Promo

Drive players from one game to another.

Audience Builder Private Beta: Q3 2019

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been building. So to start, we’ll be running an exclusive beta in Q3 2019.

We’re on the hunt for innovative studios and publishers to take part. If you would like to try this new feature out and think you fit the bill, please reach out to us at and we can get you set up.

At the moment, we have several high-profile studios onboard, so keep an eye out here to see what they think of the new feature. If you have any questions at the moment though, please get in touch with our support team and we’ll get back to you.

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