Anders Therkildsen

Anders Therkildsen

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Who writes this stuff?

We have a great team, delivering quality content to our blog every month. but we also invite people who we admire or has something valuable to teach, to contribute on a regular basis.

The blog is managed by Anders Therkildsen, our marketing guy. He’s been with the GameAnalytics team for almost a year and loves getting feedback and ideas from our awesome community. If you have something to tell him, you can reach out to Twitter.

What you should read first

As mentioned we have a ton of quality content, for you to dig your hands into, but we’ve highlighted a few pieces which should get you off to a good start.

Getting started with game analytics
This is a series of posts, they might seem a bit dry, but if you get through them you’ll have a much better understanding of game analytics.

Why it’s important to keep your initial players happy
This post was written by or data science team. They usually write reports where they dig deep into our game data, and in this post, they explored why the most successful games show a better handling of their initial installs – it’s a good read.

16 Reasons Why Players Are Leaving Your Game
Less than 40% of players return to a free-to-play game after just one session, so creating a compelling first-time experience is without a doubt important.

… and a whole lot more!

What does GameAnalytics do?

Did we mention that GameAnalytics is a cool tool, that lets you track player behavior in your game?
Our platform helps game developers make smarter desertions about their games, with tools like cohorts, segmentations, and benchmarks.

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Anders Therkildsen

Anders Therkildsen

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