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Important Beta Update: GameAnalytics is Evolving!

Overview About 18 months ago we secretly started rewriting our backend codebase, migrating from our existing solution to a brand new data store, in order to prepare GameAnalytics for the future. We are now getting closer to releasing this for everyone. It will include some sought after new features, like Experiments (A/B testing) and the Command […]

The Future Of Idle Games – Fluffy Fairy Games Interview

Ahead of the release of Idle Factory Tycoon, I spoke to Nate Barker, Director of Business Development at Fluffy Fairy Games, about the history of the studio, what makes the genre of Idle Games so appealing, and the company’s future aspirations of becoming the Supercell of the genre. Can you tell us about your journey […]

Creating Your Own Good Company – An Interview With Chasing Carrots

We spoke to Paul Lawitzki about making a community from unlikely places, maintaining a healthy work culture and knowing when it’s okay to put that project on hold, and creating a good company in their upcoming title Good Company, a charming 80s pastiche that sees you creating your own robot manufacturing empire. We did not […]

A Primer On eSports

On March 22, the Las Vegas Strip welcomed its first eSports arena. eSports Arena Las Vegas, a 30,000 sq. ft. venue that hosts large live gaming events, stands as a physical symbol for where the industry currently stands, and how far it has come. 10 years ago, in March 2008, Soulreapers/pure.gaming won the Play.com UT3 […]

The Fighting Game Scene On Mobile – An Interview With Shoryuken

After 2 years at Shoryuken and attendance at countless fighting game tournaments, I spoke to Fighting Game Community expert Keegan Spindler about the difficulties of adapting the genre to mobile, the fine line microtransactions have to take to make competition viable, and his tips on how being open with the community can help it grow […]

Are Loot Boxes The Future Of Mobile Game Monetization?

In November 2017, EA released Star Wars Battlefront II, developed by DICE studio. The company was met with extreme criticism after it seemed to have not learned from its mistakes with its season pass approach in the first instalment. Famously, EA’s response to that criticism led to the most downvoted comment in Reddit’s history. The […]

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