Just like their iOS counterparts a few weeks back, our Android SDKs (native and Unity) have gotten themselves an upgrade!

There are a lot of new features we are introducing with the V2 of our SDKS. Let our Senior Product Designer, Kristoffer, take you through all the goodies GameAnalytics has to offer.

Update your SDK now, and get even deeper player behaviour insights and more reliable data.

GameAnalytics now features 5 event types that we think cover 90% of everything you’d need to track in your game.

Among the newly introduced are business events, for tracking real money transactions, and which capture the purchase receipt from the app store, to validate the purchases and ensure that your monetization data is reliable.

If you have an in-game economy, you should be tracking what your players “sink” (lose) or “source” (gain) their resources on, be them virtual currencies, lives, XP, etc. This can be done with resource events.

As progression is very important to track and analyze at any stage in development, we’ve created a dedicated event for that, with a 3 hierarchy structure (for example World, Level and Phase) to indicate a player’s path or place in the game in a granular manner.

But of course, each game is different, so you’ll still have the flexibility of creating your own custom events.

For a full picture of how awesome this update is, and to get the details of the rollout plan for the rest of the SDKs, take a look at this comprehensive presentation of our SDKs.

What are you waiting for? Get integratin’!



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