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As you may know, at the end of May we released Benchmarks, feature that helps you bring more context to your analysis by allowing you to compare your KPIs to those of 5,800 (and counting) other games tracked by GameAnalytics. As trends in the industry are constantly moving, we will be updating these numbers monthly.


This month’s update was just released and is up now in the tool, for you to check out.


Here are the highlights for July 2015:


ARPDAU across the GameAnalytics network increased by almost 12% (from 2.37 cents to 2.66 cents), which was driven by increases in both conversion and ARPPU. This means that in July, not only have there been more people spending money in games, but they also spent greater amounts than in June.


ARPPU in particular increased by 50 cents month-over-month, an almost 8% increase over June. This increase can be noticed across 13 of the 20 genres we track, with Board, Casual, Sports and Family leading the pack with an ARPPU increase of over 20%.


Casino, Card, Strategy, Racing and Role Playing have maintained their position at the top of the genres’ list with the highest ARPPUs, each with typical monetizers spending over $10 a day. These categories generally remained flat month-over-month.


Of course, these numbers are most interesting when compared to your game’s specific performance. In addition to ARPDAU, ARPPU and conversion, we also include 1, 7, 28, 90-day retention session and session length on our Benchmarks Dashboard, for the full picture of how you stack up against other games. These metrics also come split by genre, to get an analysis as precise as possible.


Take a moment to log into GameAnalytics to see how you’re doing. Or sign up for our free tool to get access!

Insights Team

Bringing you gaming insights since 2012.

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