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How to use GameAnalytics to validate design decisions

Ana Todor is a Computer Scientist with a playful and literary twist. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies.

We’re proud to announce that GameAnalytics has just been featured on Gamasutra in Amir Fassihi’s article on “Closing the Loop: Validating Design Decisions Using Player Data for a Platformer”. Amir is the team lead of Dead Mage, the studio behind the popular iOS game Shadowblade.

Those of you who feared that tools such as GameAnalytics are only useful for freemium games and monetization tweaks, you should know that Shadowblade is a one time-purchase. Moreover, Dead Mage has been using our tool to fine tune the most trickiest aspects of their game:

“Quantitative measurement and feedback has been a main pillar for all disciplines of science for a long time and validation of the design assumptions in every product design is an essential part of the whole design process in many areas. In game development, art and programming are two main aspects that can be measured and analyzed very quickly during development, however, the domain of game design is usually much harder to study quantitatively and a lot of times the validity of many design decisions remain a mystery for the developers and they can suffice to a few qualitative feedbacks such as critic scores or unorganized user feedback to validate the various design decisions.”

Give the article a read, it’s well worth it!

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How to use GameAnalytics to validate design decisions