The GameAnalytics tool gets yet another face and functionality lift with an all-new Explore interface which closely matches the look and feel of the customizable Dashboards.

​​The revised Explore tool is a clever mix of the old and the new:

  • view predefined core metrics and custom metrics tracked by the GameAnalytics servers, just like you were able to do up to now
  • save and load custom queries easier in the new interface
  • switch between three visualisation options: line charts, bar charts and area charts; you can now view histograms of your parent events over the corresponding sub-events and compare time intervals for up to two metrics at the same time
  • data exporting to CSV got a bit smarter
  • segment data by a wealth of new dimensions, including platform, device or paying status

Intrigued ? Click on the video below to let our senior product designer Kristoffer Solberg walk you through the details:

PS: some features of the old Explore tool, such as viewing the percentile for sub-events of a parent event, did not make it to the new version. We are working hard on bringing those back in one form or another. In the meantime, please contact support if you can’t figure out how to achieve the desired results in the new Explore interface.


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