In its continuous evolution, the GameAnalytics service has once again been updated. This time around, the Cohorts and Real-time tools got an overhaul.

We’ve made several important updates to the Cohorts tool that we believe improve it significantly. However, this also means that certain sacrifices were made. Below is a complete list of changes that were brought to how it works:

  • you can no longer select a custom event to define the cohort by, other than the special “Started Game” event; as a consequence, the “first action” drop-down has been removed.
  • the old cohorts tool counted custom events only once, when they first occurred; the new Cohorts tool takes occurrences of an event into account over all days, weeks or months; this decision was taken in order to further differentiate the functionality of cohorts over funnels
  • the ‘years’ level of granularity for cohorts has been taken out of the tool.
  • you can no longer save or load multiple cohorts, but the status of the cohort is saved in the user’s browser for up to a week of inactivity
  • daily cohorts are not limited to 12-days progressions anymore, but report data up to day 90
  • cohorts can no longer be segmented by country or build
  • custom metrics only support ‘Weeks’ and ‘Months’ granularity

We’re determined to make the best tools possible and we will continue to iterate on the current features that we offer.

Want to get a feel of the new Cohorts? Our product designer, Kristoffer, shows it in action:

The Real-time tool on the other hand has now been made part of the Dashboards tool. This change bring with itself:

  • a greater degree of responsiveness that is continuously monitored and reported back to you
  • greater accuracy
  • the ability to track core metrics such as new / returning users, session count, revenue etc. in close to real-time
  • the ability to explore error events in real time
  • an easy way to keep track of your SDK integration status

Kristoffer has some Real-time tricks to show as well, so check out the video below:



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