Beta Lesson 4: Tweak Gameplay Without Code: The Command Center


Tired of getting up early every morning to change the bonus of the day in your game? There’s a new GameAnalytics feature for that!

With the Command Center, you’re able to customize gameplay parameters by sending key-value pairs directly to the player’s device. These ‘configs’ are defined in the Command Center UI and sent to the GameAnalytics SDK at a scheduled date.

remote configure mobile game

The Command Center is easy to spot next to our list of new beta features.

Why use it?

The Command Center gives you an easy way to trigger in-game changes, without updating app versions or coding every time.

Once a config is set and started, the corresponding key-value pair is delivered to the GameAnalytics SDK on the player device, and from there it can be actioned in the game. For instance, you can have an in-game configuration that is set to turn on/off ad network integrations when it receives the value ‘ad_network_off’.

You can also use the Command Center to change game assets, such as characters or weapons. For instance, sending values like ‘characterod_ninja’ could change the promoted character of the day to the ninja.

1. Creating a remote game config

To create your first config, simply click the ‘Add new’ button when you open the Command Center page. A config definition panel will open, which will allow you to input the key-value pair you want to send, as well as add a description and a start/end date.

2. How many configs can be created?

You can create any number of configs, but the maximum number that can be running/created at any one time is 5 (for the time being).
remote mobile game config

3. What can the value contain?

The value will be passed on as a string and it can contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9) as well as underscores (‘_’).

4. Starting a config

You can either set the config to start immediately or schedule it to trigger at a later date. For the config to take effect, the GameAnalytics SDK in your game must be updated to a version that supports the Command Center.

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Download SDK

Note: this feature is currently in beta and your SDK must be updated in order to support it. You can download the Beta SDK with supporting documentation here.


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