Dashboards are one of the most important features of GameAnalytics. In essence, data visualized here is split between metrics and custom events instrumented in the SDK belonging to one of our event categories: user, business, design, progression, resource and error.

The pre-computed metrics are based on your daily events calculated and made available the next day. All of the metrics presented in the dashboards can be split by Dimensions containing user demographics and characteristics.

Pre-defined dashboards

GameAnalytics has a set of predefined dashboards that help you better understand your users from install, to engagement, to monetization. The list of dashboards is.

  • Real-time
  • Overview
  • Acquisition
  • Engagement
  • 1st monetizers
  • Monetization
  • Progression
  • Resources


This dashboard includes the most important metrics that are crucial to monitor for having a well performing game.


See where in the world your players are coming from

This dashboard shows you how well you are acquiring users and where the users are coming from.

Note: In order to see your installs by your paid acquisition efforts, you will need to use an attribution partner.

Beside the handful of designated dimensions, we have chosen some key breakdowns to help you understand the origin of your install. The demography in sense of country and lastly build to keep focussing on users updating to the latest version of your game.


See how long your players stay interested

This dashboard shows how well your game is doing at retaining players, how many players you have each day and month, and how engaged they are in terms of sessions and playtime.

The Cohorts tool allows you to further explore how specific groups of installs are performing over time.

We recommend you use Cohorts across other core metrics to help examine how particular groups of installs are performing. Learn more about Cohorts


This dashboard show all of the metrics pertaining to monetization in your game, including how much money you’re making from in-app purchases, how many people are making purchases, and how frequently they are spending.

1st Monetizers

This dashboard looks at the spending behavior of players in your game who are making their first purchase.


Keep tabs on your in-game economy

This dashboard helps you balance the flow of in-game resources (e.g. your virtual economy). The metrics show you how your players are earning and spending resources in your game, like virtual currencies, lives and XP. And it lets you break down the flow of resource to understand specifically what item type or item id is driving the trends.

The dashboard is broken down by currency into sink (spend) and sources (reward). Currencies are broken down by the item type and item id, meaning you can see if users and buying boosters or consumables. Moreover you can see which specific item users and buying with any currency.


This dashboard lets you dig into how players are completing levels in your game, including how difficult levels are to complete, what score they receive upon completion, and how quickly they are completing your content.

Custom dashboards

You can also create custom dashboards in GameAnalytics to fit the reporting and analysis you need. Custom dashboards are particularly useful for visualizing Design events that you send from the game. When creating a Custom dashboard you can choose to duplicate an already existing dashboard, or you can start from scratch to add individual widgets you want. There is no limit to the number of Custom dashboards that you can create.