Explore is an enhanced, isolated workbench for your data.

With it you can:

  • view predefined core metrics and custom metrics tracked by the GameAnalytics servers
  • save and load custom queries
  • change visualisation options
  • export data to CSV

By default, the Explore tool allows you to view two metrics at the same time on the same graph. Select any predefined core and custom metrics to visualize them as you see fit. After selecting your metrics, pick the aggregation and visualisation methods. Note that depending on the metric, the aggregations methods you can chose will be limited.

Graph options

There are several ways in which you can manipulate your data when visualising it. Depending on the data, you can choose to look at it as a timeline, dimension – if any is selected – or value, if a dimension or event is chosen.

The toolbar above the graph allows for tweaking the data plotted. You can sort by either the x or y-axis, the values displayed or de- or ascending.

If displaying unit-alike values on the two y-axis, Explore allows you to pair these to make the graph more apprehensible.

Saved queries

This feature allows you to save the modifications you make to ranges of data points, for easily accessing them at a later stage, when you want to check for updates and new data.

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